Ka Ching Chan

According to our database1, Ka Ching Chan authored at least 16 papers between 2015 and 2021.

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Making Investment Decisions on RFID Technology: An Evaluation of Key Adoption Factors in Construction Firms.
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A Survey on Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques in Banking Industry for Cyber Security.
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Large scale MTConnect data collection.
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A Case Study of Predicting Banking Customers Behaviour by Using Data Mining.
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Determination of Factors Influencing Student Engagement Using a Learning Management System in a Tertiary Setting.
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Based on the Internet Plus the Safety of Agricultural Products Traceability Research.
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A Set of Quality Metrics for the Evaluation of Voice Termination Services.
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A networking laboratory using an integrated mixture of physical equipment and simulators.
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The La Trobe E-Sanctuary: Building a Cross-Reality Wildlife Sanctuary.
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