Katarína Cechlárová

According to our database1, Katarína Cechlárová authored at least 51 papers between 1990 and 2019.

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Selected open problems in Matching Under Preferences.
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Chore division on a graph.
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On the Problem of Assigning PhD Grants.
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Pareto optimal matchings of students to courses in the presence of prerequisites.
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Correction to: A Connection Between Sports and Matroids: How Many Teams Can We Beat?
Algorithmica, 2018

A Connection Between Sports and Matroids: How Many Teams Can We Beat?
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Pareto optimal matchings with lower quotas.
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Fair Division of a Graph.
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House-swapping with divorcing and engaged pairs.
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Modelling practical placement of trainee teachers to schools.
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Assigning evaluators to research grant applications: the case of Slovak Research and Development Agency.
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On the existence of equitable cake divisions.
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