Kaushik Basu

According to our database1, Kaushik Basu authored at least 17 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Overmodulation Techniques of Asymmetrical Six-Phase Machine With Optimum Harmonic Voltage Injection.
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A PWM ZVS High-Frequency-Link Three-Phase Inverter With T-Type NPC Unfolder.
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Power Electronic Converter Based Flexible Transmission Line Emulation.
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Individual preferences and democratic processes: two theorems with implications for electoral politics.
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Continuous Control Set Model Predictive Control of Buck Converter.
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Optimal Design of a Dual Active Bridge based Single-stage DC-AC Converter.
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Cloud computing security challenges & solutions-A survey.
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Systematic Input Filter Design of Matrix Converter by Analytical Estimation of RMS Current Ripple.
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A Single-Stage Power Electronic Transformer for a Three-Phase PWM AC/AC Drive With Source-Based Commutation of Leakage Energy and Common-Mode Voltage Suppression.
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An alternative carrier based implementation of Space Vector PWM for dual matrix converter drive with common mode voltage elimination.
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Comparison of filter components of back-to-back and matrix converter by analytical estimation of ripple quantities.
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Experiments with the Traveler's Dilemma: welfare, strategic choice and implicit collusion.
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Reduction of Torque Ripple in Induction Motor Drives Using an Advanced Hybrid PWM Technique.
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A new and easy-to-use measure of literacy, its axiomatic properties and an application.
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Coercion, contract and the limits of the market.
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Utilitarianism for infinite utility streams: A new welfare criterion and its axiomatic characterization.
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