Kenneth J. Supowit

According to our database1, Kenneth J. Supowit authored at least 27 papers between 1980 and 1994.

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Newton's Method for Quadratics, and Nested Intervals.
Complex Systems, 1994

Delaunay Graphs are almost as Good as Complete Graphs.
Discrete & Computational Geometry, 1990

New Techniques for Some Dynamic Closest-Point and Farthest-Point Problems.
Proceedings of the First Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, 1990

Recognizing circle graphs in polynomial time.
J. ACM, 1989

Finding the Vertices Nearest to a Point in a Hypercube.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1988

Finding a Maximum Planar Subset of a Set of Nets in a Channel.
IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 1987

Generalization of the Sethi-Ullman Algorithm for Register Allocation.
Softw., Pract. Exper., 1987

Minimizing Channel Density in Standard Cell Layout.
Algorithmica, 1987

Delaunay Graphs are Almost as Good as Complete Graphs
Proceedings of the 28th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 1987

Finding the Optimal Variable Ordering for Binary Decision Diagrams.
Proceedings of the 24th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference. Miami Beach, FL, USA, June 28, 1987

Simulated Annealing Without Rejected Moves.
IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 1986

A new method for verifying sequential circuits.
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference. Las Vegas, 1986

Decomposing a Set of Points into Chains, with Applications to Permutation and Circle Graphs.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1985

Recognizing Circle Graphs in Polynomial Time
Proceedings of the 26th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 1985

A Hierarchy-Driven Amalgamation of Standard and Macro Cells.
IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 1984

On the Complexity of Some Common Geometric Location Problems.
SIAM J. Comput., 1984

The Relative Neighborhood Graph, with an Application to Minimum Spanning Trees
J. ACM, July, 1983

Some NP-hard polygon decomposition problems.
IEEE Trans. Information Theory, 1983

The Travelling Salesman Problem and Minimum Matching in the Unit Square.
SIAM J. Comput., 1983

Divide and Conquer Heuristics for Minimum Weighted Euclidean Matching.
SIAM J. Comput., 1983

Probabilistic analysis of divide-and-conquer heuristics for minimum weighted euclidean matching.
Networks, 1983

Placement algorithms for custom VLSI.
Proceedings of the 20th Design Automation Conference, 1983

Reducing channel density in standard cell layout.
Proceedings of the 20th Design Automation Conference, 1983

The Complexity of Drawing Trees Nicely.
Acta Inf., 1982

A minimum-impact routing algorithm.
Proceedings of the 19th Design Automation Conference, 1982

Testing a Simple Polygon for Monotonicity.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1981

Heuristics for Weighted Perfect Matching
Proceedings of the 12th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, 1980