Kuang Yu Huang

According to our database1, Kuang Yu Huang authored at least 16 papers between 2008 and 2017.

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The approach to classifying multi-output datasets based on cluster validity index method.
Proceedings of the IEEE 8th International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology, 2017

A multi-attribute decision-making model for the robust classification of multiple inputs and outputs datasets with uncertainty.
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Rough Set-Based Dataset Reduction Method Using Swarm Algorithm and Cluster Validation Function.
Proceedings of the 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2015

An Efficient Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach Based on hybridizing Data Mining Techniques an Efficient Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach Based on hybridizing Data Mining Techniques.
Proceedings of the 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, 2014

A heuristic approach to classifying labeled/unlabeled data sets.
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An enhanced classification method comprising a genetic algorithm, rough set theory and a modified PBMF-index function.
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A hybrid particle swarm optimization approach for clustering and classification of datasets.
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Application of enhanced cluster validity index function to automatic stock portfolio selection system.
Information Technology and Management, 2011

Determination of the threshold value β of variable precision rough set by fuzzy algorithms.
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Integrate Variable Precision Rough Sets and modified PBMF index function for partitioning and classifying complex datasets.
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Applications of an enhanced cluster validity index method based on the Fuzzy C-means and rough set theories to partition and classification.
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A hybrid model for stock market forecasting and portfolio selection based on ARX, grey system and RS theories.
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Application of VPRS model with enhanced threshold parameter selection mechanism to automatic stock market forecasting and portfolio selection.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2009

A Novel Approach to Establishing the VPRS Model with Threshold Parameter Selection Mechanism Based on Fuzzy Algorithms.
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A RS model for stock market forecasting and portfolio selection allied with weight clustering and Grey System theories.
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