Kung Chen

Orcid: 0000-0002-5480-3226

According to our database1, Kung Chen authored at least 36 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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Multi-value Private Information Retrieval using Homomorphic Encryption.
Proceedings of the 15th Asia Joint Conference on Information Security, 2020

A service platform for streamlining the production of cyber-physical interactive performance art.
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No Need for Recovery: A Simple Two-Step Byzantine Consensus.
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An Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Range Proof for Decentralized Applications.
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Modularizing Cross-Cutting Concerns with Aspect-Oriented Extensions for Solidity.
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A Service Framework for Multi-tenant Enterprise Application in SaaS Environments.
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Development of a daily mortality probability prediction model from Intensive Care Unit patients using a discrete-time event history analysis.
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A Scripting Language for Automating Secure Multiparty Computation.
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Modularizing tenant-specific schema customization in SaaS applications.
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Developing guideline-based decision support systems using protégé and jess.
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Aspect-oriented design and implementation of adaptable access control for Electronic Medical Records.
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A guideline-based decision support for pharmacological treatment can improve the quality of hyperlipidemia management.
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Parametric Type Classes.
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On the Design of a Unidirectional Systolic Array for Key Enumeration.
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On the Design of an Integrated Systolic Array for Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations.
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