Lamiaa Fattouh Ibrahim

According to our database1, Lamiaa Fattouh Ibrahim authored at least 18 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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A survey on heterogeneous mobile networks planning in indoor dense areas.
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Adapting gamified learning systems using educational data mining techniques.
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Shilling Attacks Detection in Collaborative Recommender System: Challenges and Promise.
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Using Clustering Techniques to Plan Indoor Femtocell Base Stations Layout in Multi-floors.
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Using Haar classifiers to detect driver fatigue and provide alerts.
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Enhancing Clustering Algorithm to Plan Efficient Mobile Network
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Using Modified Partitioning Around Medoids Clustering Technique in Mobile Network Planning
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Applying Clustering Techniques in Hybrid Network in the Presence of 2D and 3D Obstacles.
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Enhancing Clustering Technique with Knowledge-based System to Plan the Social Infrastructure Services.
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Safety of Natural Disasters.
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