Lansheng Han

According to our database1, Lansheng Han authored at least 51 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Security of multimedia communication with game trick based fast, efficient, and robust color-/gray-scale image encryption algorithm.
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Gödel's Sentence Is An Adversarial Example But Unsolvable.
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A Fixed point view: A Model-Based Clustering Framework.
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Distributed collaborative intrusion detection system for vehicular Ad Hoc networks based on invariant.
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Intrusion detection model of wireless sensor networks based on game theory and an autoregressive model.
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Search engine: The social relationship driving power of Internet of Things.
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3C3R, an Image Encryption Algorithm Based on BBI, 2D-CA, and SM-DNA.
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Targeting malware discrimination based on reversed association task.
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A New Hybrid Image Encryption Algorithm Based on 2D-CA, FSM-DNA Rule Generator, and FSBI.
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An Optimized Static Propositional Function Model to Detect Software Vulnerability.
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Owner based malware discrimination.
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An adaptive control momentum method as an optimizer in the cloud.
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Equilibrium Index and Core Node Set of New Social Networks.
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基于博弈的无线传感器网络入侵检测模型 (Research on Intrusion Detection of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Game Theory).
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软件漏洞静态检测模型及检测框架 (Static Detection Model and Framework for Software Vulnerability).
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