Lei You

According to our database1, Lei You authored at least 58 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation Using Cellular Automata-Based Motion Vector Smoothing.
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A Note on Decoding Order in User Grouping and Power Optimization for Multi-Cell NOMA With Load Coupling.
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Multiobjective Model and Improved Artificial Raindrop Algorithm for Virtual Network Mapping.
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A Note on Decoding Order in Optimizing Multi-Cell NOMA.
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Risk Prediction Model for Knee Arthroplasty.
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A Crowd Behavior Identification Method Combining the Streakline With the High-Accurate Variational Optical Flow Model.
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A Framework for Big Data Governance to Advance RHINs: A Case Study of China.
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A divide-and-conquer hole-filling method for handling disocclusion in single-view rendering.
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Region-based bit allocation and rate control for depth video in HEVC.
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Precise Measurement of Stem Diameter by Simulating the Path of Diameter Tape from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data.
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The high speed switching experiment based on NetFPGA SUME.
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