Mahdi Bohlouli

Orcid: 0000-0002-6659-5524

According to our database1, Mahdi Bohlouli authored at least 31 papers between 2010 and 2024.

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PhD thesis 




Machine Learning and Physics: A Survey of Integrated Models.
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Energy-aware resource management in fog computing for IoT applications: A review, taxonomy, and future directions.
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Energy Efficient and Connectivity Aware Self-Organizing Distributed IoT Topology Control.
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A comprehensive literature review on the medical learning systems in the developing countries.
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Artificial intelligence empowered threat detection in the Internet of Things: A systematic review.
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GWO-SA: Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm for Service Activation Management in Fog Computing.
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Predicting Points of Interest with Social Relations and Geographical-Temporal Information.
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A diagnostic prediction model for chronic kidney disease in internet of things platform.
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Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection in Internet of Things Using Minimum Spanning Tree (EEMST).
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EMR: Scalable Clustering of Big HR Data using Evolutionary MapReduce.
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Exploring Reflective Limitation of Behavior Cloning in Autonomous Vehicles.
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Towards an Integrated Platform for Big Data Analysis.
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Knowledge Integration of Collaborative Product Design Using Cloud Computing Infrastructure.
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Enhanced time-aware QoS prediction in multi-cloud: a hybrid k-medoids and lazy learning approach (QoPC).
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Detection of Thin Boundaries between Different Types of Anomalies in Outlier Detection Using Enhanced Neural Networks.
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LSCP: Enhanced Large Scale Colloquial Persian Language Understanding.
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JobNoW'19 - 1st International Workshop on Job Knowledge Discovery on the Web & Social Media.
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Statistical regeneration and scalable clustering of big data using MapReduce in the Hadoop ecosystem : a case study of competence management in the computer science career (Statistische Regenerierung und skalierbares Clustering von Big Data mit MapReduce im Hadoop Ökosystem)
PhD thesis, 2016

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