Manabu Okawa

According to our database1, Manabu Okawa authored at least 14 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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PhD thesis 




Online signature verification using single-template matching with time-series averaging and gradient boosting.
Pattern Recognit., 2020

Template Matching Using Time-Series Averaging and DTW With Dependent Warping for Online Signature Verification.
IEEE Access, 2019

Online Signature Verification Using Multi-Distance Measures and Weighting with Gradient Boosting.
Proceedings of the IEEE 1st Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies, 2019

Online Signature Verification Using a Single-template Strategy with Mean Templates and Local Stability-weighted Dynamic Time Warping.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Applications, 2019

From BoVW to VLAD with KAZE features: Offline signature verification considering cognitive processes of forensic experts.
Pattern Recognit. Lett., 2018

Synergy of foreground-background images for feature extraction: Offline signature verification using Fisher vector with fused KAZE features.
Pattern Recognit., 2018

A Single-Template Strategy Using Multi-Distance Measures and Weighting for Signature Verification.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT), 2018

Offline Signature Verification with VLAD Using Fused KAZE Features from Foreground and Background Signature Images.
Proceedings of the 14th IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, 2017

KAZE features via fisher vector encoding for offline signature verification.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics, 2017

Vector of locally aggregated descriptors with KAZE features for offline signature verification.
Proceedings of the IEEE 5th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics, 2016

Offline Signature Verification Based on Bag-of-VisualWords Model Using KAZE Features and Weighting Schemes.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, 2016

Text and User Generic Model for Writer Verification Using Combined Pen Pressure Information From Ink Intensity and Indented Writing on Paper.
IEEE Trans. Hum. Mach. Syst., 2015

Offline writer verification using pen pressure information from infrared image.
IET Biom., 2013

Off-Line Writer Verification Using Shape and Pen Pressure Information.
Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, 2012