Manas Saksena

According to our database1, Manas Saksena authored at least 22 papers between 1993 and 2000.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Parametric Design Synthesis of Distributed Embedded Systems.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 2000

Scalable Real-Time System Design using Preemption Thresholds.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2000), 2000

Automatic Synthesis of Multi-Tasking Implementations from Real-Time Object-Oriented Models.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing (ISORC 2000), 2000

Designing for schedulability: integrating schedulability analysis with object-oriented design.
Proceedings of the 12th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS 2000), 2000

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Towards automatic synthesis of QoS preserving implementations from object-oriented design models.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems, 1999

Scheduling Fixed-Priority Tasks with Preemption Threshold.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Real-Time Computing and Applications Symposium (RTCSA '99), 1999

A Software Synthesis Tool for Distributed Embedded System Design.
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Network conscious design of distributed real-time systems.
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Schedulability Analysis for Automated Implementations of Real-Time Object-Oriented Models.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 1998

Guidelines for automated implementation of executable object oriented models for real-time embedded control systems.
Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS '97), 1997

Streamlining real-time controller design: From performance specifications to end-to-end timing constraints.
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium, 1997

Performance-Based Design Of Distributed Real-Time System.
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium, 1997

Visual assessment of a real-time system design: a case study on a CNC controller.
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Resource Conscious Design of Distributed Real-Time Systems: An End-to-End Approach.
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Guaranteeing Real-Time Requirements With Resource-Based Calibration of Periodic Processes.
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Multiple Times in Systems: A Perspective.
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A Decomposition Approach to Non-Preemptive Real-Time Scheduling.
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Guaranteeing End-to-End Timing Constraints by Calibrating Intermediate Processes.
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On Guaranteed Delivery of Time-Critical Messages in DQDB.
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A Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Time Constrained Message Transmission on a Slotted Ring LAN.
Proceedings of the Real-Time Systems Symposium. Raleigh-Durham, NC, USA, December 1993, 1993