Manish Sharma

According to our database1, Manish Sharma authored at least 28 papers between 1999 and 2020.

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Automated detection of abnormal EEG signals using localized wavelet filter banks.
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Detection of shockable ventricular arrhythmia using optimal orthogonal wavelet filters.
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A Nonparametric Approach for Multicomponent AM-FM Signal Analysis.
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Automated phase classification in cyclic alternating patterns in sleep stages using Wigner-Ville Distribution based features.
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An automated diagnosis of depression using three-channel bandwidth-duration localized wavelet filter bank with EEG signals.
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Design of Time-Frequency Optimal Three-Band Wavelet Filter Banks with Unit Sobolev Regularity Using Frequency Domain Sampling.
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Improving the Diagnosability of Digital Circuits.
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