Marc Lemercier

According to our database1, Marc Lemercier authored at least 19 papers between 1995 and 2017.

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PhD thesis 




Android application classification and anomaly detection with graph-based permission patterns.
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REPLOT: REtrieving Profile Links On Twitter for malicious campaign discovery.
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Robust clustering methods for detecting smartphone's abnormal behavior.
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Clustering-based anomaly detection for smartphone applications.
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A Gaussian mixture model for dynamic detection of abnormal behavior in smartphone applications.
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Indirect Information Linkage for OSINT through Authorship Analysis of Aliases.
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A dynamic approach to detecting suspicious profiles on social platforms.
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Multi-layer Crisis Mapping: A Social Media-Based Approach.
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Construction d''une mémoire de projet en ingénierie mécanique utilisant les technologies web.
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Design and architecture of a new space priority mechanism for ATM network nodes.
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