María Rosa Galli

According to our database1, María Rosa Galli authored at least 27 papers between 2002 and 2016.

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Process-aware approach for managing organisational knowledge.
Inf. Syst., 2016

A new knowledge representation for managing organisational knowledge objects.
Proceedings of the XLII Latin American Computing Conference, 2016

A set of ontology design patterns for reengineering SBVR statements into OWL/SWRL ontologies.
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An approach to define semantics for BPM systems interoperability.
Enterprise IS, 2015

Agent-based monitoring service for management of disruptive events in supply chains.
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Redefinition and Statistical Analysis of Measures for Evaluating the Quality of Ontologies.
Proceedings of the 1st Argentine Symposium on Ontologies and their Applications co-located with 44 Jornadas Argentinas de Informática (44JAIIO), 2015

A conceptual model and technological support for organizational knowledge management.
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Approaching the feasibility of SBVR as modeling language for ontology development: An exploratory experiment.
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SBVR to OWL 2 Mappings: An Automatable and Structural-Rooted Approach.
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OntoQualitas: A framework for ontology quality assessment in information interchanges between heterogeneous systems.
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An Automatable Approach for SBVR to OWL 2 Mappings.
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A language for modeling enterprise contextual ontologies.
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Ontology and XML-based Specifications for Collaborative B2B Relationships.
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Approaches for the Analysis and Design of Multi-Agent Systems.
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Knowledge Component of a Multiagent Distributed Decision Support System.
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