Martín Matamala

According to our database1, Martín Matamala authored at least 58 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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Lines in bipartite graphs and in 2-metric spaces.
J. Graph Theory, 2020

Graphs admitting antimagic labeling for arbitrary sets of positive numbers.
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Graphs with no induced house nor induced hole have the de Bruijn-Erdős property.
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A New Class of Graphs That Satisfies the Chen-Chvátal Conjecture.
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Graphs admitting antimagic labeling for arbitrary sets of positive integers.
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Injective Colorings with Arithmetic Constraints.
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Weighted antimagic labeling: an algorithmic approach.
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Allowing each node to communicate only once in a distributed system: shared whiteboard models.
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A Quantitative Approach to Perfect One-Factorizations of Complete Bipartite Graphs.
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Solving the Induced Subgraph Problem in the Randomized Multiparty Simultaneous Messages Model.
Proceedings of the Structural Information and Communication Complexity, 2015

Nowhere-Zero 5-Flows and Even (1, 2)-Factors.
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Reconstructing 3-Colored Grids from Horizontal and Vertical Projections is NP-Hard: A Solution to the 2-Atom Problem in Discrete Tomography.
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Navigating in a Graph by Aid of Its Spanning Tree Metric.
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Realizing disjoint degree sequences of span at most two: A tractable discrete tomography problem.
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Adding a Referee to an Interconnection Network: What Can(not) Be Computed in One Round.
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The pickup and delivery problem with transfers: Formulation and a branch-and-cut solution method.
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Traces from LAGOS'07: IV Latin American Algorithms, Graphs, and Optimization Symposium Puerto Varas - 2007.
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Degree Sequence of Tight Distance Graphs.
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Minimum Eulerian circuits and minimum de Bruijn sequences.
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Reconstructing 3-Colored Grids from Horizontal and Vertical Projections Is NP-hard.
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Some remarks about factors of graphs.
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Nowhere-zero 5-flows and (1, 2)-factors.
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Electron. Notes Discret. Math., 2008

A new family of expansive graphs.
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Navigating in a Graph by Aid of Its Spanning Tree.
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A 5/3-Approximation for Finding Spanning Trees with Many Leaves in Cubic Graphs.
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A new family of K-divergent graphs.
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Minimal Eulerian trail in a labeled digraph
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Dynamic of cyclic automata over Z<sup>2</sup> .
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Domino tilings and related models: space of configurations of domains with holes.
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Complexity of approximating the oriented diameter of chordal graphs.
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Latin-American Conference on Combinatorics, Graphs and Applications: Santiago, CHILE August 16-20, 2004.
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Minimal de Bruijn Sequence in a Language with Forbidden Substrings.
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Constructibility of speed one signal on cellular automata.
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k-pseudosnakes in Large Grids.
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Bilateral Orientations and Domination.
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Some remarks on cycles in graphs and digraphs.
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Dynamical Properties of Min-Max Networks.
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No Polynomial Bound for the Period of Neuronal Automata with Inhibitory Memory.
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Cyclic Evolution of Neuronal Automata with Memory When All the Weighting Coefficients are Strictly Positive.
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On the computational structure of the connected components of a hard problem.
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Alternation on Cellular Automata.
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Reaction-Diffusion Automata: Three States Implies Universality.
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Complexity and Dimension.
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Symmetric Discrete Universal Neural Networks.
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