Matthias M. Müller

According to our database1, Matthias M. Müller authored at least 49 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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Dissociable neural correlates of stimulation intensity and detection in somatosensation.
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Affective Bias without Hemispheric Competition: Evidence for Independent Processing Resources in Each Cortical Hemisphere.
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Time matters: Feature-specific prioritization follows feature integration in visual object processing.
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Rapid sensory gain with emotional distracters precedes attentional deployment from a foreground task.
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Attentional Facilitation of Constituent Features of an Object Does Not Spread Automatically along Object-defining Cortical Boundaries.
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It takes two to tango: Suppression of task-irrelevant features requires (spatial) competition.
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Neural mechanisms of divided feature-selective attention to colour.
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Advances in sequential measurement and control of open quantum systems.
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Audio-visual synchrony and spatial attention enhance processing of dynamic visual stimulation independently and in parallel: A frequency-tagging study.
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Global Enhancement but Local Suppression in Feature-based Attention.
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Shedding light on emotional perception: Interaction of brightness and semantic content in extrastriate visual cortex.
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Capture of lexical but not visual resources by task-irrelevant emotional words: A combined ERP and steady-state visual evoked potential study.
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Prospects for fast Rydberg gates on an atom chip.
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GREAT: UML transformation tool for porting middleware applications.
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Latenzzeitverbergung in datenparallelen Sprachen.
PhD thesis, 2000

Prefetching on the Cray-T3E.
Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Supercomputing, 1998