Mi Wen

According to our database1, Mi Wen authored at least 60 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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HYBRID-CNN: An Efficient Scheme for Abnormal Flow Detection in the SDN-Based Smart Grid.
Secur. Commun. Networks, 2020

Toward efficient and effective bullying detection in online social network.
Peer Peer Netw. Appl., 2020

Cloud-assisted secure and conjunctive publish/subscribe service in smart grids.
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An Accurate Ensemble Forecasting Approach for Highly Dynamic Cloud Workload With VMD and R-Transformer.
IEEE Access, 2020

Efficient BiSRU Combined With Feature Dimensionality Reduction for Abnormal Traffic Detection.
IEEE Access, 2020

An Adversarial Attack with Fusion of Polarization for Unmanned Scenes.
Proceedings of the 92nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2020

Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Truth Discovery in Mobile Crowd Sensing Systems.
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Secure, flexible and high-efficient similarity search over encrypted data in multiple clouds.
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Energy Theft Detection With Energy Privacy Preservation in the Smart Grid.
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PTAS: Privacy-preserving Thin-client Authentication Scheme in blockchain-based PKI.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2019

A new VRSA-based pairing-free certificateless signature scheme for fog computing.
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Security and Efficiency Enhanced Revocable Access Control for Fog-Based Smart Grid System.
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Achieve Revocable Access Control for Fog-Based Smart Grid System.
Proceedings of the 90th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2019

Multi-Keyword Search Guaranteeing Forward and Backward Privacy over Large-Scale Cloud Data.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2019

Adversarial attack against scene recognition system for unmanned vehicles.
Proceedings of the ACM Turing Celebration Conference - China, 2019

Multi-Source Stego Detection with Low-Dimensional Textural Feature and Clustering Ensembles.
Symmetry, 2018

Efficient steganographer detection over social networks with sampling reconstruction.
Peer Peer Netw. Appl., 2018

Unsupervised steganalysis over social networks based on multi-reference sub-image sets.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2018

Robust Batch Steganography in Social Networks With Non-Uniform Payload and Data Decomposition.
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State Estimation Based Energy Theft Detection Scheme with Privacy Preservation in Smart Grid.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2018

A Privacy-Preserving Thin-Client Scheme in Blockchain-Based PKI.
Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2018

A Game Theoretic Approach to Parked Vehicle Assisted Content Delivery in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.
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A privacy-aware data dissemination scheme for smart grid with abnormal data traceability.
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A Data Aggregation Scheme with Fine-Grained Access Control for the Smart Grid.
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An Efficient and Provably Secure Pairing-Free Certificateless Signature Scheme Based on Variant of RSA.
Proceedings of the Cyberspace Safety and Security - 9th International Symposium, 2017

Steganalysis Over Large-Scale Social Networks With High-Order Joint Features and Clustering Ensembles.
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CIT: A credit-based incentive tariff scheme with fraud-traceability for smart grid.
Secur. Commun. Networks, 2016

PIMRS: achieving privacy and integrity-preserving multi-owner ranked-keyword search over encrypted cloud data.
Secur. Commun. Networks, 2016

Group-Based Authentication and Key Agreement With Dynamic Policy Updating for MTC in LTE-A Networks.
IEEE Internet Things J., 2016

PSS: Achieving high-efficiency and privacy-preserving similarity search in multiple clouds.
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Secure Data Deduplication With Reliable Key Management for Dynamic Updates in CPSS.
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EAPA: An efficient authentication protocol against pollution attack for smart grid.
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Achieving efficient and privacy-preserving multi-feature search for mobile sensing.
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A Novel Deduplication-Based Covert Channel in Cloud Storage Service.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2015

A Bidirectional Broadcasting Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Querying over Encrypted Data in Smart Grids
Springer Briefs in Computer Science, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-06355-3, 2014

SESA: an efficient searchable encryption scheme for auction in emerging smart grid marketing.
Secur. Commun. Networks, 2014

EMRQ: An Efficient Multi-keyword Range Query Scheme in Smart Grid Auction Market.
KSII Trans. Internet Inf. Syst., 2014

Achieving ranked range query in smart grid auction market.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2014

Secure dynamic searchable symmetric encryption with constant document update cost.
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SSE: A Secure Searchable Encryption Scheme for Urban Sensing and Querying.
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An Adaptive Key Management Framework for the Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks.
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RICB: Integer Overflow Vulnerability Dynamic Analysis via Buffer Overflow.
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