Michael C. Ferris

According to our database1, Michael C. Ferris authored at least 76 papers between 1988 and 2019.

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Solving equilibrium problems using extended mathematical programming.
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A structure-preserving pivotal method for affine variational inequalities.
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Optimization Models for Three On-Chip Network Problems.
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Modelling demand response in organized wholesale energy markets.
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Grid-Enabled Optimization with GAMS.
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An extended mathematical programming framework.
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Limited memory solution of bound constrained convex quadratic problems arising in video games.
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Adaptation of the UOBYQA algorithm for noisy functions.
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Predicting the Likelihood of Falls among the Elderly Using Likelihood Basis Pursuit Technique.
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Modeling Participation in the NHII: Operations Research Approach.
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Model building with likelihood basis pursuit.
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Foreword: special issue for the 70th birthday of professor Olvi Mangasarian.
Optimization Methods and Software, 2004

Foreword: special issue on mathematical programming in biology and medicine.
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Fractionation in radiation treatment planning.
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Semismooth support vector machines.
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Provisioning Content Distribution Networks for Streaming Media.
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FATCOP: A Fault Tolerant Condor-PVM Mixed Integer Programming Solver.
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A Direct Search Algorithm for Optimization with Noisy Function Evaluations.
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The Semismooth Algorithm for Large Scale Complementarity Problems.
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FATCOP 2.0: Advanced Features in an Opportunistic Mixed Integer Programming Solver.
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Optimized caching in systems with heterogeneous client populations.
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Smooth methods of multipliers for complementarity problems.
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Solutions to Affine Generalized Equations Using Proximal Mappings.
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Interfaces to PATH 3.0: Design, Implementation and Usage.
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Optimization of gamma knife radiosurgery.
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Partitioning mathematical programs for parallel solution.
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Operator-Splitting Methods for Monotone Affine Variational Inequalities, with a Parallel Application to Optimal Control.
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Weak sharp minima and penalty functions in mathematical programming.
PhD thesis, 1988