Michael Tschichholz

According to our database1, Michael Tschichholz authored at least 26 papers between 1984 and 2010.

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FRESKO - die effiziente Prozessketten-Verbindung zwischen Unternehmen und Verwaltungen.
Proceedings of the Vernetzte IT für einen effektiven Staat, 2010

Auf dem Weg von der aufgabenorientierten zur prozessorientierten Verwaltung auf Grundlage Service-orientierter E-Government-Architekturen.
Wirtschaftsinf., 2006

Federated Accounting: Service Charging and Billing in a Business-to-Business Environment.
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Supporting Service Quality Assurance via Trouble Management.
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Integrated Trouble Management to Support Service Quality Assurance in a Multi-provider Context.
Proceedings of the Telecommunications and IT Convergence Towards Service E-volution, 2000

Modularization of TINA Reference Points for Information Networking.
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Verteilte Objekttechnologie in der Telekommunikation.
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A Methodology for Developing Integrated Multi-domain Service Management Systems.
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Management of a secure WWW-based document store.
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Managing Personal Communication Systems in a Multi-domain Environment.
Proceedings of the Integrated Network Management V, 1997

SECCO - Support Environment for Electronic Commerce.
Proceedings of the From Multimedia Services to Network Services, 1997

Design of a TMN-based inter-domain management environment for the open service market: an ODP-based modelling approach.
PhD thesis, 1996

Integriertes Management Offener Teledienste.
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Integrated approach to open distributed management.
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Y-Architecture for the integration of autonomous components.
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A Service for Administering Management Information - VPN Inter-Domain Management Support using X.500 and X.700.
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'Y' distributed application platform.
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The BERKOM Administration Infrastructure.
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Der DFN Message-Dienst im MHS-Kontext.
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DIN-A-MIT: An Adaptable, Distributed Computer-Based Message System.
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