Michael Veale

According to our database1, Michael Veale authored at least 21 papers between 2017 and 2023.

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Understanding accountability in algorithmic supply chains.
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Disparate Vulnerability to Membership Inference Attacks.
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Deploying decentralized, privacy-preserving proximity tracing.
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Dark Patterns after the GDPR: Scraping Consent Pop-ups and Demonstrating their Influence.
Proceedings of the CHI '20: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2020

The Human(s) in the Loop - Bringing AI and HCI Together.
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Where is the Human?: Bridging the Gap Between AI and HCI.
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Enslaving the Algorithm: From a "Right to an Explanation" to a "Right to Better Decisions"?
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'It's Reducing a Human Being to a Percentage': Perceptions of Justice in Algorithmic Decisions.
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