Mihai Christodorescu

According to our database1, Mihai Christodorescu authored at least 46 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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A Plug-n-Play Framework for Scaling Private Set Intersection to Billion-sized Sets.
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Amortized Threshold Symmetric-key Encryption.
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Universal Payment Channels: An Interoperability Platform for Digital Currencies.
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Privacy-Preserving Payment Splitting.
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Towards a Two-Tier Hierarchical Infrastructure: An Offline Payment System for Central Bank Digital Currencies.
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Robust Learning against Logical Adversaries.
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The House That Knows You: User Authentication Based on IoT Data.
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COSET: A Benchmark for Evaluating Neural Program Embeddings.
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VeritasDB: High Throughput Key-Value Store with Integrity.
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The House That Knows You: User Authentication Based on IoT Data.
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REMOTEGATE: Incentive-Compatible Remote Configuration of Security Gateways.
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Enhancing Android Security Through App Splitting.
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Learning Execution Contexts from System Call Distribution for Anomaly Detection in Smart Embedded System.
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(Do Not) Track Me Sometimes: Users' Contextual Preferences for Web Tracking.
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Passive security intelligence to analyze the security risks of mobile/BYOD activities.
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The DragonBeam Framework: Hardware-Protected Security Modules for In-Place Intrusion Detection.
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What matters to users?: factors that affect users' willingness to share information with online advertisers.
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Dynamic Analysis.
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Dynamic Behavior Matching: A Complexity Analysis and New Approximation Algorithms.
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A Declarative Framework for Intrusion Analysis.
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Mining Large Information Networks by Graph Summarization.
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Mining Graph Patterns Efficiently via Randomized Summaries.
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Cloud security is not (just) virtualization security: a short paper.
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Mining specifications of malicious behavior.
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Can Cooperative Intrusion Detectors Challenge the Base-Rate Fallacy?
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Software transformations to improve malware detection.
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OmniUnpack: Fast, Generic, and Safe Unpacking of Malware.
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Semantics-Aware Malware Detection.
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String analysis for x86 binaries.
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An auctioning reputation system based on anomaly.
Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2005

Strengthening Software Self-Checksumming via Self-Modifying Code.
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Testing malware detectors.
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Static Analysis of Executables to Detect Malicious Patterns.
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Playing Inside the Black Box: Using Dynamic Instrumentation to Create Security Holes.
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