Mihai Popescu

According to our database1, Mihai Popescu authored at least 13 papers between 1999 and 2015.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Sequential automata model for transport and routing of pallets to identical stations placed in series on a production line.
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE Jubilee International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics, 2015

Panacea's Glass: Mobile Cloud Framework for Communication in Mass Casualty Disaster Triage.
Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, 2015

Integrated Supervision and Control System for Air-electrical Aggregates.
Proceedings of the Soft Computing Applications, 2014

Controlling a flexible manufacturing system using a centralized supervisor based on parallel composition of Petri networks.
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics, 2014

Designing complex Petri nets using submodels with application in flexible manufacturing systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE 8th International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics, 2013

Graph-Based Volumetric Data Segmentation on a Hexagonal-Prismatic Lattice.
Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, 2012

Magnetoencephalography Source Localization Using the Source Affine Image Reconstruction (SAFFIRE) Algorithm.
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering, 2010

Cutaneous stimulation of the digits and lips evokes responses with different adaptation patterns in primary somatosensory cortex.
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Existence and Uniqueness of the Optimal Control in Hilbert Spaces for a Class of Linear Systems.
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Constructive Volume Modeling.
Proceedings of the International Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Technology, 2010

Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction of Bilateral Auditory Steady-State Responses Using MEG Beamformers.
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Reconstruction of Fetal Cardiac Vectors From Multichannel fMCG Data Using Recursively Applied and Projected Multiple Signal Classification.
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Multiresolutional distributed filtering: A novel technique that reduces the amount of data required in high resolution electrocardiography.
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