Muddassar A. Sindhu

According to our database1, Muddassar A. Sindhu authored at least 19 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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Closing the Loop in Feedback Driven Learning Environments Using Trust Decision Making and Utility Theory.
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Resolving cross-site scripting attacks through genetic algorithm and reinforcement learning.
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Automating test oracles from restricted natural language agile requirements.
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An Efficient Model Inference Algorithm for Learning-based Testing of Reactive Systems.
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Using network science to understand the link between subjects and professions.
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Metamorphic Testing of an Artificially Intelligent Chess Game.
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Test Oracle using Semantic Analysis from Natural Language Requirements.
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Towards automated testing of multi-agent systems using prometheus design models.
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Analyses of Classifier's Performance Measures Used in Software Fault Prediction Studies.
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Evolutionary Perspective of Structural Clones in Software.
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Test Case Prioritization Based on Path Complexity.
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Testing abstract behavioral specifications.
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Algorithms and Tools for Learning-based Testing of Reactive Systems.
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Case Studies in Learning-Based Testing.
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IDS: An Incremental Learning Algorithm for Finite Automata
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An n log n Alogrithm for Deterministic Kripke Structure Minimization
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Incremental Learning-Based Testing for Reactive Systems.
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Learning-Based Software Testing: A Tutorial.
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