Muhammad Faheem

According to our database1, Muhammad Faheem authored at least 13 papers between 2014 and 2019.

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Learn Chinese in Sindhi: App Development and Evaluation.
Proceedings of the Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Ubiquitous and Virtual Environments for Learning and Collaboration, 2019

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Performance prediction and adaptation for database management system workload using Case-Based Reasoning approach.
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MQRP: Mobile sinks-based QoS-aware data gathering protocol for wireless sensor networks-based smart grid applications in the context of industry 4.0-based on internet of things.
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Energy efficient and QoS-aware routing protocol for wireless sensor network-based smart grid applications in the context of industry 4.0.
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Capacity and spectrum-aware communication framework for wireless sensor network-based smart grid applications.
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Spectrum-aware bio-inspired routing in cognitive radio sensor networks for smart grid applications.
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Homology modeling and molecular dynamics provide structural insights into tospovirus nucleoprotein.
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EDHRP: Energy efficient event driven hybrid routing protocol for densely deployed wireless sensor networks.
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The State of the Art Forensic Techniques in Mobile Cloud Environment: A Survey, Challenges and Current Trends.
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Skill Specific Spoken Dialogues Based Personalized ATM Design to Maximize Effective Interaction for Visually Impaired Persona.
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