Muhammad Ramzan

According to our database1, Muhammad Ramzan authored at least 36 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Text Data Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: Threats, Challenges, and Future Directions.
Wirel. Commun. Mob. Comput., 2020

On Modelling for Bias-Aware Sentiment Analysis and Its Impact in Twitter.
J. Web Eng., 2020

Radiative MHD Nanofluid Flow over a Moving Thin Needle with Entropy Generation in a Porous Medium with Dust Particles and Hall Current.
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Effects of Chemical Species and Nonlinear Thermal Radiation with 3D Maxwell Nanofluid Flow with Double Stratification - An Analytical Solution.
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Towards Void Hole Alleviation: Enhanced GEographic and Opportunistic Routing Protocols in Harsh Underwater WSNs.
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A Numerical Simulation of Silver-Water Nanofluid Flow with Impacts of Newtonian Heating and Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reactions Past a Nonlinear Stretched Cylinder.
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MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Carreau Fluid over a Convectively Heated Bidirectional Sheet with Non-Fourier Heat Flux and Variable Thermal Conductivity.
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Effect of Stark- and Kerr-like medium on the entanglement dynamics of two three-level atomic systems.
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Internet of medical things for smart D3S to enable road safety.
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Entropy Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes Based Nanofluid Flow Past a Vertical Cone with Thermal Radiation.
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A Survey on State-of-the-Art Drowsiness Detection Techniques.
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Onset of Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux and Thermal Stratification in Ethylene-Glycol Based Nanofluid Flow Containing Carbon Nanotubes in a Rotating Frame.
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A Review on State-of-the-Art Violence Detection Techniques.
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Energy Management in Smart Sectors Using Fog Based Environment and Meta-Heuristic Algorithms.
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Electric Vehicles Privacy Preserving Using Blockchain in Smart Community.
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On MHD radiative Jeffery nanofluid flow with convective heat and mass boundary conditions.
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Entropy Analysis of 3D Non-Newtonian MHD Nanofluid Flow with Nonlinear Thermal Radiation Past over Exponential Stretched Surface.
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Parallel testing and coverage analysis for context-free applications.
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Shape Based Pakistan Sign Language Categorization Using Statistical Features and Support Vector Machines.
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A Systematic Study on Software Requirements Elicitation Techniques and its Challenges in Mobile Application Development.
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Leveraging the Big Data Produced by the Network to Take Intelligent Decisions on Flow Management.
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Dynamics of entanglement and quantum Fisher information for <i>N</i>-level atomic system under intrinsic decoherence.
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Fuzzy Approach to Prioritize Usability Requirements Conflicts: An Experimental Evaluation.
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A Prudent Based Approach for Customer Churn Prediction.
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Optimal Feature Extraction Technique for Crop Classification Using Aerial Imagery.
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Semantic Based Ontology Driven Feature Interaction Detection & Modeling.
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Project scheduling conflict identification and resolution using genetic algorithms (GA).
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Automated Requirements Elicitation for Global Software Development (GSD) Environment.
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Acoustic diffraction by an oscillating strip.
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