Muhammad Zia

According to our database1, Muhammad Zia authored at least 30 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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A cascaded approach for image defogging based on physical and enhancement models.
Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2020

Temperature-Dependent Resistive Properties of Vanadium Pentoxide/Vanadium Multi-Layer Thin Films for Microbolometer & Antenna-Coupled Microbolometer Applications.
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Channel Constrained Multiple Selective Retransmissions for OFDM System: BER and Throughput Analysis.
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Adaptive Modulation and Coding with Selective Retransmission under OFDM signaling.
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Bandwidth efficient transceiver design for differentially encoded OFDM system.
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Single- and two-person action recognition based on silhouette shape and optical point descriptors.
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Pilot decontamination for multi-cell massive MIMO systems using asynchronous pilot design and data-aided channel estimation.
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An Ant Colony Optimization Based Approach for Minimum Cost Coverage on 3-D Grid in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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A Convex Relaxation Approach to Higher-Order Statistical Approaches to Signal Recovery.
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On Generating High-Quality Random Numbers.
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An Energy Efficient Interference-aware Routing Protocol for Underwater WSNs.
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Open source computer game application: An empirical analysis of quality concerns.
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Cross-Layer Chase Combining With Selective Retransmission, Analysis, and Throughput Optimization for OFDM Systems.
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Multivariate mutual information for audio video fusion.
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