N. Jaisankar

According to our database1, N. Jaisankar authored at least 15 papers between 2009 and 2018.

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Dynamicity of the scout bee phase for an Artificial Bee Colony for optimized cluster head and network parameters for energy efficient sensor routing.
Simulation, 2018

Optimal cluster head selection framework to support energy aware routing protocols of wireless sensor network.
IJNVO, 2018

An optimal path selection in a clustered wireless sensor network environment with swarm intelligence-based data aggregation for air pollution monitoring system.
IJCAET, 2018

Fuzzy cost probability-based suppressed flooding multi-constrained QoS multicast routing for MANETs.
IJHPCN, 2017

A hybrid neuro-fuzzy system-based ranking function and its application to effective medical information retrieval.
IJIIDS, 2016

Security Enabled Cluster Head Selection for Wireless Sensor Network Using Improved Firefly Optimization.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, 2016

Automatic annotation generation of medical documents for effective medical information retrieval.
IJRIS, 2015

Towards an Effective QoS On Demand Multicast Routing Protocol for Multi-Channel Multi Interface WMNs.
IJBDCN, 2014

An Intelligent Agent Based Intrusion Detection System Using Fuzzy Rough Set Based Outlier Detection.
Proceedings of the Soft Computing Techniques in Vision Science, 2012

Intelligent intrusion detection system using fuzzy rough set based C4.5 algorithm.
Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Advances in Computing, 2012

Intelligent Detection System framework using Mobile agents
CoRR, 2010

Team Automata Based Framework for Spatio-Temporal RBAC Model.
Proceedings of the Information Processing and Management, 2010

A Novel Security Approach for Detecting Black Hole Attack in MANET.
Proceedings of the Information Processing and Management, 2010

A Novel Multipath Routing Scheme in Mobile Adhoc Networks.
Proceedings of the Information Processing and Management, 2010

An Agent Based Security Framework for Protecting Routing Layer Operations in MANET.
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Networks and Communications, 2009