Rizwan Patan

According to our database1, Rizwan Patan authored at least 28 papers between 2018 and 2021.

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Ant Colony Optimization Based Quality of Service Aware Energy Balancing Secure Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.
IEEE Trans. Engineering Management, 2021

Improved salient object detection using hybrid Convolution Recurrent Neural Network.
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5G Integrated Spectrum Selection and Spectrum Access using AI-based Frame work for IoT based Sensor Networks.
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A trust-based fuzzy neural network for smart data fusion in internet of things.
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Securing Data in Internet of Things (IoT) Using Cryptography and Steganography Techniques.
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Securing e-health records using keyless signature infrastructure blockchain technology in the cloud.
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Classification of stroke disease using machine learning algorithms.
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Improving Power and Resource Management in Heterogeneous Downlink OFDMA Networks.
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Secure and concealed watchdog selection scheme using masked distributed selection approach in wireless sensor networks.
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Hash polynomial two factor decision tree using IoT for smart health care scheduling.
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VANETomo: A congestion identification and control scheme in connected vehicles using network tomography.
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Survival Study on Blockchain Based 6G-Enabled Mobile Edge Computation for IoT Automation.
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Enhancing the Access Privacy of IDaaS System Using SAML Protocol in Fog Computing.
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Effective Attack Detection in Internet of Medical Things Smart Environment Using a Deep Belief Neural Network.
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ECMCRR-MPDNL for Cellular Network Traffic Prediction With Big Data.
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Machine Learning Inspired Phishing Detection (PD) for Efficient Classification and Secure Storage Distribution (SSD) for Cloud-IoT Application.
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Reliable and energy-efficient emergency transmission in wireless sensor networks.
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Hybrid model for security-aware cluster head selection in wireless sensor networks.
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Assistive pointer device for limb impaired people: A novel Frontier Point Method for hand movement recognition.
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Automated 3-D lung tumor detection and classification by an active contour model and CNN classifier.
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Optimal virtual machine selection for anomaly detection using a swarm intelligence approach.
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A deep neural network based classifier for brain tumor diagnosis.
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Improving the Response Time of M-Learning and Cloud Computing Environments Using a Dominant Firefly Approach.
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