Nathanael Fillmore

According to our database1, Nathanael Fillmore authored at least 15 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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Corrigendum to: An Application to Support COVID-19 Occupational Health and Patient Tracking at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
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The Veterans Affairs Precision Oncology Data Repository, a Clinical, Genomic, and Imaging Research Database.
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An application to support COVID-19 occupational health and patient tracking at a Veterans Affairs medical center.
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Hypersphere clustering to characterize healthcare providers using prescriptions and procedures from Medicare claims data.
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Bicluster phenotyping of healthcare providers, procedures, and prescriptions at scale with deep learning.
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Development of an AI empowered Electronic Molecular Tumor Board Application Connected Utilizing the SMART on FHIR Framework.
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The Development of the Research Precision Oncology Program Data Repository (PODR) in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.
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Learning from Spatial Overlap.
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May All Your Wishes Come True: A Study of Wishes and How to Recognize Them.
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