Nikola Bogunovic

According to our database1, Nikola Bogunovic authored at least 31 papers between 1996 and 2019.

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Extending a communication service provider's operations management based on knowledge granules and aspects derived from imperfect information.
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Rotation Forest in Software Defect Prediction.
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Analyzing incoming workload in Cloud business services.
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A review of feature selection methods with applications.
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STIMONT: a core ontology for multimedia stimuli description.
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An overview of free software tools for general data mining.
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Extension and detailed overview of the HRVFrame framework for heart rate variability analysis.
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Evaluating and comparing performance of feature combinations of heart rate variability measures for cardiac rhythm classification.
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Energy saving techniques in datacenters.
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Decision Tree Ensembles in Biomedical Time-Series Classification.
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Electrocardiogram analysis using a combination of statistical, geometric, and nonlinear heart rate variability features.
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Computer cluster scheduling algorithm based on time bounded dynamic programming.
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Job Status Prediction - Catch Them Before They Fail.
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HRVFrame: Java-Based Framework for Feature Extraction from Cardiac Rhythm.
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Ontology-Based Administration of Web Directories.
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Tagging multimedia stimuli with ontologies
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Decision Support Systems in Ontology-based Construction of Web Directories.
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Assessing Semantic Quality of Web Directory Structure.
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Self-Protecting Session Initiation Protocol Stack.
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Qualitative Modeling of Complex Physical Systems based on Similarity Calculus.
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