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According to our database1, Ning Ning authored at least 45 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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A Low Voltage and Low Power 10-bit Non-Binary 2b/Cycle Time and Voltage Based SAR ADC.
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Switching sequence optimization for gradient errors compensation in the current-steering DAC design.
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The non-tightness of the reconstruction threshold of a 4 states symmetric model with different in-block and out-block mutations.
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Facial Makeup Transfer Combining Illumination Transfer.
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Strength Prediction and Correlation of Cement Composites: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach.
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A Low-Power and Area-Efficient 14-bit SAR ADC with Hybrid CDAC for Array Sensors.
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A Low Voltage 10-Bit Non-Binary 2B/Cycle Time and Voltage Based SAR ADC.
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Guest editorial: Special issue on brain inspired models of cognitive memory.
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Effect of external magnetic field on the performance of composite wire structured magnetic inductors.
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Medium mathematics systems: Review and prospect.
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Computational approach to the reaction dynamics associated with the formation and crystallization of hydrogenated silicon clusters.
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ImDeploy: A Tool for Global-Scale Service Deployment on Peer-to-Peer Networks.
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