Olusegun Folorunso

According to our database1, Olusegun Folorunso authored at least 24 papers between 2005 and 2017.

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A probabilistic approach to event log completeness.
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Knowledge Sharing Trust Level Measurement Adoption Model Based On Fuzzy Expert System.
Computer and Information Science, 2015

A Predictive Stock Market Technical Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic.
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Towards Active Citizen-Centric E-Government Systems for Developing Countries.
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An Improved Semi-Global Alignment Algorithm for Masquerade Detection.
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Preventing Social Engineering and Espionage in Collaborative Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs).
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An Improved Dynavote E-Voting Protocol Implementation.
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TCP Window Based Congestion Control -Slow-Start Approach.
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Visualizing and Assessing a Compositional Approach to Service-Oriented Business Process Design Using Unified Modelling Language (UML).
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Service Oriented Application in Agent Based Virtual Knowledge Community.
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Pinch Analysis as a Knowledge Management Tool for Optimization in Supply Chain.
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Knowledge Sharing Adoption Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks.
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Improving e-payment security using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem.
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ID-SOMGA: A Self Organising Migrating Genetic Algorithm-Based Solution for Intrusion Detection.
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Using Visual Analytics to Develop Situation Awareness in Network Intrusion Detection System.
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A conceptual analysis and design of a management system for "Ifa" (an African traditional oracle).
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On consolidation model in e-bill presentment and payment.
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Fuzzy-Rule-Based Approach for Modeling Sensory Acceptabitity of Food Products.
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Applying an Enhanced Technology Acceptance Model to Knowledge Management in Agricultural Extension Services.
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An exploratory study of the critical factors affecting the acceptability of e-learning in Nigerian universities.
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Data mining as a technique for knowledge management in business process redesign.
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