Pericle Perazzo

According to our database1, Pericle Perazzo authored at least 38 papers between 2012 and 2022.

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Indirect Revocable KP-ABE With Revocation Undoing Resistance.
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A Survey on Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes Suitable for the Internet of Things.
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A Rational Mining Strategy for Proof-of-Work Consensus Algorithms.
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SEA-BREW: A scalable Attribute-Based Encryption revocable scheme for low-bitrate IoT wireless networks.
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Attribute-based encryption and sticky policies for data access control in a smart home scenario: a comparison on networked smart object middleware.
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SEA-BREW: A Scalable Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme for Low-Bitrate IoT Wireless Networks.
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On Improving SimBlock Blockchain Simulator.
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A lightweight and scalable attribute-based encryption system for smart cities.
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On the Feasibility of Attribute-Based Encryption on Constrained IoT Devices for Smart Systems.
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BRUSCHETTA: An IoT Blockchain-Based Framework for Certifying Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supply Chain.
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Virtual private ledgers: embedding private distributed ledgers over a public blockchain by cryptography.
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