Priyadip Ray

According to our database1, Priyadip Ray authored at least 33 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Area Efficient VLSI Architectures for Weak Signal Detection in Additive Generalized Cauchy Noise.
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Attend and Decode: 4D fMRI Task State Decoding Using Attention Models.
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Uniformly Most Powerful CFAR Test for Pareto-Target Detection in Pareto Distributed Clutter.
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Censored Spectrum Sharing Strategy for MIMO Systems in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Link Adaptation Schemes Based on Parametric Estimation of SNR Distribution Over Nakagami- $m$ Fading Channels.
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Bayesian multitask learning regression for heterogeneous patient cohorts.
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Regularized Sparse Gaussian Processes.
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Buffer-aided Resource Allocation for a Price Based Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Network.
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Performance Analysis of Energy Harvesting Underlay Cooperative Cognitive Radio Relay Networks with Randomly Located Nodes.
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Variational Bayes Based Multiuser Detection for On-Off Random Access Channels.
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Linear Detection of a Weak Signal in Additive Cauchy Noise.
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Traffic-Aware Green Cognitive Radio.
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Joint transmit power and sensing duration optimization for MIMO cognitive radios.
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Robust Federated Learning Using ADMM in the Presence of Data Falsifying Byzantines.
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Successful one way data communication probability of energy harvesting cognitive relay network with spatially random primary users.
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