Qiongxiang Huang

According to our database1, Qiongxiang Huang authored at least 43 papers between 1996 and 2021.

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The extremal graphs of order trees and their topological indices.
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On the Eigenvalues Distribution in Threshold Graphs.
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The Second Eigenvalue of some Normal Cayley Graphs of Highly Transitive Groups.
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A sharp lower bound on Steiner Wiener index for trees with given diameter.
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Construction of graphs with distinct eigenvalues.
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Automorphism group of the complete alternating group graph.
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The Characteristic Polynomial of a kind of Hexagonal System and its Application.
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The Spectral Radius of Maximum Weighted Unicyclic Graph.
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Almost every complement of a tadpole graph is not chromatically unique.
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On the spectral radii of weighted double stars.
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Spectral Characterizations of Dumbbell Graphs.
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Note on the choosability of bipartite graphs.
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A new expression for the adjoint polynomial of a path.
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The chromatic equivalence class of graph <i>‾{B<sub>n-6, 12</sub>}</i>.
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A complete solution to the chromatic equivalence class of graph <i>I</i>.
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The Edge Choosability of Cn x Pm.
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Relational to XML Schema Conversion with Constraints.
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A classification of circulant DCI(CI)-digraphs of 2-power order.
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A Classification of <i>DCI(CI)</i>-Subsets for Cyclic Group of Odd Prime Power Order.
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Almost all Cayley graphs have diameter 2.
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On the Number of Spanning Trees and Eulerian Tours in Iterated Line Diagraphs.
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