Rafael Gomes Mantovani

According to our database1, Rafael Gomes Mantovani authored at least 19 papers between 2015 and 2019.

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A meta-learning approach for selecting image segmentation algorithm.
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A meta-learning recommender system for hyperparameter tuning: Predicting when tuning improves SVM classifiers.
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Machine learning hyperparameter selection for Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization.
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Transfer Learning for Algorithm Recommendation.
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Applying multi-label techniques in emotion identification of short texts.
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An empirical study on hyperparameter tuning of decision trees.
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Multi-label Feature Selection Techniques for Hierarchical Multi-label Protein Function Prediction.
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Dimensionality Reduction for the Algorithm Recommendation Problem.
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OpenML Benchmarking Suites and the OpenML100.
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Incorporating instance correlations in multi-label classification via label-space.
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Storage time prediction of pork by Computational Intelligence.
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A Meta-Learning Approach for Recommendation of Image Segmentation Algorithms.
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