Rémi Abgrall

According to our database1, Rémi Abgrall authored at least 74 papers between 1999 and 2022.

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Assessment of a Non-Conservative Four-Equation Multiphase System with Phase Transition.
J. Sci. Comput., 2022

High order residual distribution conservative finite difference HWENO scheme for steady state problems.
J. Comput. Phys., 2022

Reinterpretation and extension of entropy correction terms for residual distribution and discontinuous Galerkin schemes: Application to structure preserving discretization.
J. Comput. Phys., 2022

On the discrete equation model for compressible multiphase fluid flows.
CoRR, 2022

A discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method for a nonconservative compressible multicomponent flow model.
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Conservative scheme compatible with some other conservation laws: conservation of the local angular momentum.
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Spectral Analysis of Continuous FEM for Hyperbolic PDEs: Influence of Approximation, Stabilization, and Time-Stepping.
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THINC scaling method that bridges VOF and level set schemes.
J. Comput. Phys., 2021

J. Comput. Phys., 2021

J. Comput. Phys., 2021

Staggered Residual Distribution scheme for compressible flow.
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Hyperbolic balance laws: residual distribution, local and global fluxes.
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A pressure-based method for weakly compressible two-phase flows under a Baer-Nunziato type model with generic equations of state and pressure and velocity disequilibrium.
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Relaxation Deferred Correction Methods and their Applications to Residual Distribution Schemes.
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High Order Asymptotic Preserving Deferred Correction Implicit-Explicit Schemes for Kinetic Models.
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Multidimensional Staggered Grid Residual Distribution Scheme for Lagrangian Hydrodynamics.
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Analysis of the SBP-SAT Stabilization for Finite Element Methods Part I: Linear Problems.
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Letter from the Editor: About "A linear, second-order, energy stable, fully adaptive finite-element method for phase-field modelling of wetting phenomena" by B. Aymard, U. Vaes, M. Pradras and S. Kalliadasis [J. Comput. Phys. X 2 (2019) 100010].
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A combination of Residual Distribution and the Active Flux formulations or a new class of schemes that can combine several writings of the same hyperbolic problem: application to the 1D Euler equations.
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On the simulation of multicomponent and multiphase compressible flows.
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High Order Residual Distribution for Steady State Problems for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
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Model order reduction for parametrized nonlinear hyperbolic problems as an application to uncertainty quantification.
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Neural network based limiter with transfer learning.
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Analysis of the SBP-SAT Stabilization for Finite Element Methods Part II: Entropy Stability.
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Non-equilibrium Model for Weakly Compressible Multi-component Flows: the Hyperbolic Operator.
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General polytopial H(div) conformal finite elements and their discretisation spaces.
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Reinterpretation and Extension of Entropy Correction Terms for Residual Distribution and Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes.
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A class of finite dimensional spaces and H(div) conformal elements on general polytopes.
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High-order residual distribution scheme for the time-dependent Euler equations of fluid dynamics.
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A general framework to construct schemes satisfying additional conservation relations. Application to entropy conservative and entropy dissipative schemes.
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Capturing near-equilibrium solutions: a comparison between high-order Discontinuous Galerkin methods and well-balanced schemes.
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Some Remarks About Conservation for Residual Distribution Schemes.
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High Order Schemes for Hyperbolic Problems Using Globally Continuous Approximation and Avoiding Mass Matrices.
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Computational science for energy research.
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A Novel Weakly-Intrusive Non-linear Multiresolution Framework for Uncertainty Quantification in Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations.
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Adaptive surrogate modeling by ANOVA and sparse polynomial dimensional decomposition for global sensitivity analysis in fluid simulation.
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An ALE Formulation for Explicit Runge-Kutta Residual Distribution.
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Linear and non-linear high order accurate residual distribution schemes for the discretization of the steady compressible Navier-Stokes equations.
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How to Avoid Mass Matrix for Linear Hyperbolic Problems.
Proceedings of the Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications - ENUMATH 2015, 2015

High-Order Preserving Residual Distribution Schemes for Advection-Diffusion Scalar Problems on Arbitrary Grids.
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A discontinuous Galerkin discretization for solving the two-dimensional gas dynamics equations written under total Lagrangian formulation on general unstructured grids.
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Physics-compatible numerical methods.
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