Renzo Pinzani

According to our database1, Renzo Pinzani authored at least 68 papers between 1972 and 2019.

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Recurrence relations, succession rules and the positivity problem.
J. Comput. Syst. Sci., 2019

A 2D non-overlapping code over a q-ary alphabet.
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A Gray code for a regular language.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Random and Exhaustive Generation of Combinatorial Structures, 2018

Exhaustive generation of positive lattice paths.
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Non-overlapping matrices.
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Recurrence Relations, Succession Rules, and the Positivity Problem.
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The Dyck pattern poset.
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Prefix partitioned gray codes for particular cross-bifix-free sets.
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A tiling system for the class of L-convex polyominoes.
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Catalan structures and Catalan pairs.
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Generation and Enumeration of Some Classes of Interval Orders.
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Pattern 1^j0^i avoiding binary words
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Chemins de Schröder et hiérarchies aléatoires.
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Reconstructing Digital Sets from X-Rays.
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Reconstructing Convex Polyominoes from Horizontal and Vertical Projections.
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The number of convex polyominoes reconstructible from their orthogonal projections.
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Discrete Mathematics, 1996

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A Construction for Enumerating k-coloured Motzkin Paths.
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The Random Generation of Directed Animals.
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Tree structures handling by APS.
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Towards an Automatic Generation of Interpreters.
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An Algorithmic Approach to the Semantics of Programming Languages.
Proceedings of the Automata, 1972