Richard C. T. Lee

  • National Tsing Hua University, Department of Computer Science, Hsinchu, Taiwan

According to our database1, Richard C. T. Lee authored at least 134 papers between 1969 and 2021.

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The exact multiple pattern matching problem solved by a reference tree approach.
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A Systematical and Parallel Approach to Solve Problems Involving Special Properties of Bit-Vectors.
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Optimal MMI file systems for orthogonal range retrieval.
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The Slab Dividing Approach To Solve the Euclidean P-Center Problem.
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The Searching over Separators Strategy To Solve Some NP-Hard Problems in Subexponential Time.
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The Minimum Cooperative Guards Problem on K-spiral Polygons.
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Hierarchy representations based on arithmetic coding for dynamic information protection systems.
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A conference key broadcasting system using sealed locks.
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20-relative neighborhood graphs are hamiltonian.
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Password authentication using Newton's interpolating polynomials.
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A systolic algorithm for extracting regions from a planar graph.
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A branch-and-bound algorithm to solve the equal-execution-time job scheduling problem with precedence constraint and profile.
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