Salman Ghafoor

According to our database1, Salman Ghafoor authored at least 19 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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PhD thesis 




A Novel Regeneration Technique for Free Space Optical Communication Systems.
IEEE Commun. Lett., 2021

Mutual Coupling Reduction Using Ground Stub and EBG in a Compact Wideband MIMO-Antenna.
IEEE Access, 2021

A full-duplex ultra-wideband over multimode fiber link for internet of things based smart home applications.
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A full-duplex radio over fiber architecture employing 12 Gbps 16 × 16 optical multiple input multiple output for next-generation communication networks.
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Analogue Wireless Beamforming Exploiting the Fiber-Nonlinearity of Radio Over Fiber-Based C-RANs.
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Integration of millimeter-wave and optical link for duplex transmission of hierarchically modulated signal over a single carrier and fiber for future 5G communication systems.
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All-optical regenerative technique for width-tunable ultra-wideband signal generation.
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Polarizationmultiplexing based duplex radio-over-fiber link for millimeterwave signal transmission to a ring of multiple radio access units.
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Millimeter-wave signal generation and transmission to multiple radio access units by employing nonlinearity of the optical link.
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Polarization Multiplexing-Based Ultra-Wideband Over Fiber Communication Employing Direct Modulation and Carrier Re-Use.
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MIMO-enabled integrated MGDM-WDM distributed antenna system architecture based on plastic optical fibers for millimeter-wave communication.
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A Full-Duplex Diversity-Assisted Hybrid Analogue/Digitized Radio Over Fibre for Optical/Wireless Integration.
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Duplex Digitized Transmission of 64-QAM Signals over a Single Fiber Using a Single Pulsed Laser Source.
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Sub-Carrier-Multiplexed Duplex 64-QAM Radio-over-Fiber Transmission for Distributed Antennas.
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