Sebastian S. Szyszkowicz

According to our database1, Sebastian S. Szyszkowicz authored at least 23 papers between 2006 and 2018.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Environment-Aware Drone-Base-Station Placements in Modern Metropolitans.
IEEE Wirel. Commun. Lett., 2018

Sector and Site Switch-Off Regular Patterns for Energy Saving in Cellular Networks.
IEEE Trans. Wirel. Commun., 2018

Automation of Millimeter Wave Network Planning for Outdoor Coverage in Dense Urban Areas Using Wall-Mounted Base Stations.
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Cell Switch-Off Algorithms for Spatially Irregular Base Station Deployments.
IEEE Wirel. Commun. Lett., 2017

Cell Switch-Off for Networks Deployed With Variable Spatial Regularity.
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Automated Placement of Individual Millimeter-Wave Wall-Mounted Base Stations for Line-of-Sight Coverage of Outdoor Urban Areas.
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CoV-Based Metrics for Quantifying the Regularity of Hard-Core Point Processes for Modeling Base Station Locations.
IEEE Wirel. Commun. Lett., 2016

Quantifying the Regularity of Perturbed Triangular Lattices Using CoV-Based Metrics for Modeling the Locations of Base Stations in HetNets.
Proceedings of the IEEE 84th Vehicular Technology Conference, 2016

Regular and Static Sector-Based Cell Switch-Off Patterns.
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Spatial Clustering in Slotted ALOHA Two-Hop Random Access for Machine Type Communication.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2016

Measuring the spatial heterogeneity of outdoor users in wireless cellular networks based on open urban maps.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2015

A Simple Approximation of the Aggregate Interference From a Cluster of Many Interferers With Correlated Shadowing.
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Separating the Effect of Independent Interference Sources with Rayleigh Faded Signal Link: Outage Analysis and Applications.
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Aggregate Interference Distribution From Large Wireless Networks With Correlated Shadowing: An Analytical-Numerical-Simulation Approach.
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Identification of spectrum sharing opportunities for a finite field secondary network through an exact outage expression under Rayleigh fading.
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Outage in a cellular network overlaid with an ad hoc network: The uplink case.
Proceedings of the IEEE 22nd International Symposium on Personal, 2011

On the Feasibility of Wireless Shadowing Correlation Models.
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Efficient Simulation using Shadowing Fields of Many Wireless Interferers with Correlated Shadowing.
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On the Tails of the Distribution of the Sum of Lognormals.
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Analytical Modeling of Interference in Cellular Fixed Relay Networks.
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