Sena Hounsinou

Orcid: 0000-0002-4187-6135

According to our database1, Sena Hounsinou authored at least 17 papers between 2018 and 2024.

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Strategic Deployment of Honeypots in Blockchain-based IoT Systems.
CoRR, 2024

Securing Blockchain-based IoT Systems with Physical Unclonable Functions and Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
CoRR, 2024

Securing Health Data on the Blockchain: A Differential Privacy and Federated Learning Framework.
CoRR, 2024

L-IDS: A Multi-Layered Approach to Ransomware Detection in IoT.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference, 2024

Sidecar-based Path-aware Security for Microservices.
Proceedings of the 28th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies, 2023

Work-in-Progress: Deadline-Aware Named Data Networking for Time-Sensitive IoT Applications.
Proceedings of the 29th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, 2023

L-IDS: A lightweight hardware-assisted IDS for IoT systems to detect ransomware attacks.
Proceedings of the 8th ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation, 2023

Privacy-Preserving Intrusion Detection System for Internet of Vehicles using Split Learning.
Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM 10th International Conference on Big Data Computing, 2023

Competitive Information Provision Among Internet Routing Nodes.
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, 2023

Poster: Toward Zero-Trust Path-Aware Access Control.
Proceedings of the SACMAT '22: The 27th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies, New York, NY, USA, June 8, 2022

In-Vehicle Network Anomaly Detection Using Extreme Gradient Boosting Machine.
Proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, 2022

Secure Reboots for Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems.
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on CPS & IoT Security and Privacy, 2022

Vulnerability of Controller Area Network to Schedule-Based Attacks.
Proceedings of the 42nd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 2021

Work-in-Progress: Enabling Secure Boot for Real-Time Restart-Based Cyber-Physical Systems.
Proceedings of the 42nd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 2021

Strong APA scheduling in a real-time operating system: work-in-progress.
Proceedings of the EMSOFT '21: Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Embedded Software, Virtual Event, October 8, 2021

Controller Area Network Intrusion Prevention System Leveraging Fault Recovery.
Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Privacy, 2019

Hardware implementation of a multi-mode-aware mixed-criticality scheduler: work-in-progress.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis, 2018