Shenghan Zhou

According to our database1, Shenghan Zhou authored at least 29 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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The attribute reduction method modeling and evaluation based on flight parameter data.
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A Feature Extraction Method Based on Feature Fusion and its Application in the Text-Driven Failure Diagnosis Field.
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The continuous maximal covering location problem in large-scale natural disaster rescue scenes.
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The Trend Analysis Method of Urban Taxi Order Based on Driving Track Data.
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The influence of additive manufacturing on the configuration of make-to-order spare parts supply chain under heterogeneous demand.
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Remaining Useful Life Prediction with Similarity Fusion of Multi-Parameter and Multi-Sample Based on the Vibration Signals of Diesel Generator Gearbox.
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Modeling the Capacitated Multi-Level Lot-Sizing Problem under Time-Varying Environments and a Fix-and-Optimize Solution Approach.
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Optimal mathematical programming for the warehouse location problem with Euclidean distance linearization.
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Text Similarity Measurement of Semantic Cognition Based on Word Vector Distance Decentralization With Clustering Analysis.
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A New Hybrid XGBSVM Model: Application for Hypertensive Heart Disease.
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