Sikha Bagui

According to our database1, Sikha Bagui authored at least 35 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Positive and negative association rule mining in Hadoop's MapReduce environment.
J. Big Data, 2019

Improving the Performance of kNN in the MapReduce Framework Using Locality Sensitive Hashing.
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Design and Testing of a Real-Time Audio-Quality Feedback System for Weather Broadcasts and a Framework for a Weather Broadcast Transmission Technology Switch.
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Classifying Phishing Email Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
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Comparison of Hive's query optimisation techniques.
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A hybrid genetic algorithm for network intrusion detection.
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Using locality sensitive hashing to improve the KNN algorithm in the mapreduce framework.
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A comparative study of mapreduce and hive based on the design of the information gain algorithm for analytical workloads.
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Mining positive and negative association rules in Hadoop's MapReduce environment.
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Improving virtual screening predictive accuracy of Human kallikrein 5 inhibitors using machine learning models.
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Impact of Automated Software Testing Tools on Reflective Thinking and Student Performance in Introductory Computer Science Programming Classes.
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Database Sharding: To Provide Fault Tolerance and Scalability of Big Data on the Cloud.
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Maintaining SOA Systems of the Future - How Can Ontological Modeling Help?.
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Adaptable Enterprise Architectures for Software Evolution of SmartLife Ecosystems.
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An Approach to Mining Crime Patterns.
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