Stamatia Bibi

According to our database1, Stamatia Bibi authored at least 35 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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REI: An integrated measure for software reusability.
Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, 2019

Maintenance process modeling and dynamic estimations based on Bayesian networks and association rules.
Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, 2019

Identifying, categorizing and mitigating threats to validity in software engineering secondary studies.
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Analyzing the Evolution of Javascript Applications.
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Monitoring Technical Debt in an Industrial Setting.
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An Architecture model for Smart Farming.
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Knowledge Acquisition During Software Development: Modeling with Anti-patterns.
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UAV IoT Framework Views and Challenges: Towards Protecting Drones as "Things".
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A Case Study on the Availability of Open-Source Components for Game Development.
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A Platform for Delivering Multimedia Presentations on Cultural Heritage.
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