Stephen M. Matyas

According to our database1, Stephen M. Matyas authored at least 38 papers between 1978 and 2001.

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Alternative Method for Unique RSA Primes Generation.
Comput. Secur., 2001

Key Recovery Alliance (KRA) Technology Papers, Special Issue Introduction.
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Ticket and Challenge-Based Protocols for Timestamping.
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Multiparty Biometric-Based Authentication.
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Generation of RSA Keys That Are Guaranteed to be Unique for Each User.
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Additional Key Recovery Function.
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A Biometric Standard for Information Management and Security.
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Organization Implementation Guidelines for Recovery of Encrypted Information.
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Key Recovery Functional Model.
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Public Key Infrastructure: Analysis of Existing and Needed Protocols and Object Formats for Key Recovery.
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IBM Comments.
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Generating user-based cryptographic keys and random numbers.
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Decentralized group key management for secure multicast communications.
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An Effective Defense Against First Party Attacks in Public-Key Algorithms.
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The data encryption standard.
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Two-phase cryptographic key recovery system.
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A Public Key Extension to the Common Cryptographic Architecture.
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Key Handling with Control Vectors.
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Common Cryptographic Architecture Cryptographic Application Programming Interface.
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Public-Key Registration.
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The History of Book Ciphers.
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The Search for the Key Book to Nicholas Trist's Book Ciphers.
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Message Authentication with Manipulation Detection Code.
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Cryptographic Key Verification.
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Correction to the Special Section on Computer Network Security of the June 1981 Issue.
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Digital Signatures - An Overview.
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A Cryptographic Key Management Scheme for Implementing the Data Encryption Standard.
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