Steve G. Langer

According to our database1, Steve G. Langer authored at least 41 papers between 1996 and 2018.

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Collaborative and Reproducible Research: Goals, Challenges, and Strategies.
J. Digital Imaging, 2018

Creation and Curation of the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine Hackathon Dataset.
J. Digital Imaging, 2018

Learning HL7 FHIR Using the HAPI FHIR Server and Its Use in Medical Imaging with the SIIM Dataset.
J. Digital Imaging, 2018

Workflow Lexicons in Healthcare: Validation of the SWIM Lexicon.
J. Digital Imaging, 2017

Cyber-Security Issues in Healthcare Information Technology.
J. Digital Imaging, 2017

Sensitivity of Thoracic Digital Tomosynthesis (DTS) for the Identification of Lung Nodules.
J. Digital Imaging, 2016

DICOM Data Warehouse: Part 2.
J. Digital Imaging, 2016

The RSNA Image Sharing Network.
J. Digital Imaging, 2015

DEWEY: The DICOM-Enabled Workflow Engine System.
J. Digital Imaging, 2014

Towards a More Cloud-Friendly Medical Imaging Applications Architecture: A Modest Proposal.
J. Digital Imaging, 2013

Standards for Business Analytics and Departmental Workflow.
J. Digital Imaging, 2013

PACS Bypass: A Semi-automated Routing Solution to Enable Filmless Operations When PACS Fails.
J. Digital Imaging, 2012

A Flexible Database Architecture for Mining DICOM Objects: the DICOM Data Warehouse.
J. Digital Imaging, 2012

Using an Open-Source PACS Virtual Machine for a Digital Angiography Unit: Methods and Initial Impressions.
J. Digital Imaging, 2012

An Automated DICOM Database Capable of Arbitrary Data Mining (Including Radiation Dose Indicators) for Quality Monitoring.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

TCP/IP Optimization over Wide Area Networks: Implications for Teleradiology.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Virtual Machine Performance Benchmarking.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Imaging Informatics: Challenges in Multi-site Imaging Trials.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Challenges for Data Storage in Medical Imaging Research.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Automatic Monitoring of Localized Skin Dose with Fluoroscopic and Interventional Procedures.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Programming in the Small.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

Tracking PACS Usage with Open Source Tools.
J. Digital Imaging, 2011

DCMTB: A Virtual Appliance DICOM Toolbox.
J. Digital Imaging, 2010

Thirty-Two-Bit Fat Clients Have Hit the Wall: Consequences for TRIPTM.
J. Digital Imaging, 2010

Sustainable IT Budgeting: A Method to Determine Not to Exceed Values for Annual Infrastructure Purchases.
J. Digital Imaging, 2009

Issues Surrounding PACS Archiving to External, Third-Party DICOM Archives.
J. Digital Imaging, 2009

ROC Study of Four LCD Displays Under Typical Medical Center Lighting Conditions.
J. Digital Imaging, 2006

Interactive Image Enhancement of CR and DR Images.
J. Digital Imaging, 2004

SCAR R&D Symposium 2003: Comparing the Efficacy of 5-MP CRT Versus 3-MP LCD in the Evaluation of Interstitial Lung Disease.
J. Digital Imaging, 2004

Spreadsheets for Automated Data Collection, Analysis, and Report Generation for Diagnostic Medical Physics: Publicly Available on the World Wide Web.
J. Digital Imaging, 2002

Impact of Speech Recognition on Radiologist Productivity.
J. Digital Imaging, 2002

OpenRIMS: An Open Architecture Radiology Informatics Management System.
J. Digital Imaging, 2002

Tumor Conferencing Tools for Regional Collaborative Cancer Care Using the Next Generation Internet.
Proceedings of the AMIA 2001, 2001

Architecture of an image capable, web-based, electronic medical record.
J. Digital Imaging, 2000

Aspects of computer security: A primer.
J. Digital Imaging, 1999

Medical Image Databases and Informatics.
Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 1998

Integration of DICOM images into an electronic medical record using thin viewing clients.
Proceedings of the AMIA 1998, 1998

A brief review of human perception factors in digital displays for picture archiving and communications systems.
J. Digital Imaging, 1997

An evaluation of ten digital image review workstations.
J. Digital Imaging, 1997

User and system interface issues in the purchase of imaging and information systems.
J. Digital Imaging, 1996

A goal based cost-benefit analysis for film versus filmless radiology department.
J. Digital Imaging, 1996