Steven K. Rogers

According to our database1, Steven K. Rogers authored at least 39 papers between 1988 and 2016.

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Poster: Qualia Exploitation of Sensing Technology (QuEST) for vehicular network optimization.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, 2016

QuEST for Information Fusion in Multimedia Reports.
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Narratives as a Fundamental Component of Consciousness.
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Malware Target Recognition of Unknown Threats.
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RIPsec - Using reputation-based multilayer security to protect MANETs.
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Malware target recognition via static heuristics.
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QUEST Hierarchy for Hyperspectral Face Recognition.
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Probabilistic situations for reasoning.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support, 2012

A new computationally efficient CAD system for pulmonary nodule detection in CT imagery.
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Malware Type Recognition and Cyber Situational Awareness.
Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Second International Conference on Social Computing, 2010

Using qualia and multi-layered relationships in malware detection.
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Performance analysis of a new computer aided detection system for identifying lung nodules on chest radiographs.
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A Qualia Framework for Ladar 3D Object Classification.
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Biometric enhancements: Template aging error score analysis.
Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2008), 2008

Alert Verification Evasion Through Server Response Forging.
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Automated global matching of temporal thoracic helical CT studies: feasibility study.
Proceedings of the CARS 2003. Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress and Exhibition, 2003

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Object Recognition Based on Human Saccadic Behaviour.
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Digital production of color Mach bands using a color human visual system model.
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Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis of Masses Using Difference of Gaussians and Derivative-Based Feature Saliency.
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The complex cepstrum applied to two-dimensional images.
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Auditory model representation and comparison for speaker recognition.
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Auditory model representation for speaker recognition.
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A Prototype VIsual and Audio Display.
Presence Teleoperators Virtual Environ., 1992

Comparative Analysis of Backpropagation and the Extended Kalman Filter for Training Multilayer Perceptrons.
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Frequency domain speech coding.
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