Supranamaya Ranjan

According to our database1, Supranamaya Ranjan authored at least 21 papers between 2004 and 2012.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Detecting Algorithmically Generated Domain-Flux Attacks With DNS Traffic Analysis.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2012

Taming the Mobile Data Deluge With Drop Zones.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2012

Detecting bots via incremental LS-SVM learning with dynamic feature adaptation.
Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2011

Taming user-generated content in mobile networks via Drop Zones.
Proceedings of the INFOCOM 2011. 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 2011

Un-zipping cellular infrastructure locations via user geo-intent.
Proceedings of the INFOCOM 2011. 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 2011

Googling the internet: profiling internet endpoints via the world wide web.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2010

Detecting algorithmically generated malicious domain names.
Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference, 2010

DDoS-shield: DDoS-resilient scheduling to counter application layer attacks.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2009

Botnet spam campaigns can be long lasting: evidence, implications, and analysis.
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Joint Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems, 2009

A Social Network Based Patching Scheme for Worm Containment in Cellular Networks.
Proceedings of the INFOCOM 2009. 28th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 2009

Measuring serendipity: connecting people, locations and interests in a mobile 3G network.
Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference, IMC 2009, Chicago, 2009

High-Performance Resource Allocation and Request Redirection Algorithms for Web Clusters.
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Unconstrained endpoint profiling (googling the internet).
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High performance distributed Denial-of-Service resilient web cluster architecture.
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Detecting bogus BGP route information: Going beyond prefix hijacking.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks and the Workshops, 2007

SIP-based VoIP traffic behavior profiling and its applications.
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DoWitcher: Effective Worm Detection and Containment in the Internet Core.
Proceedings of the INFOCOM 2007. 26th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 2007

BGP eye: a new visualization tool for real-time detection and analysis of BGP anomalies.
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DDoS-Resilient Scheduling to Counter Application Layer Attacks Under Imperfect Detection.
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Wide Area Redirection of Dynamic Content by Internet Data Centers.
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